About Us


Texas Teen Series is a functional movement competition for teenager’s 14-17 years of age. This series is designed to test athletes against their peers in weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and more. Texas Teen Series is a yearly competition that is comprised of multiple events where an athletes’ Place Points, carry from one event to the next.

At the completion of each year Texas Teen Series will announce the Fittest Teens of Texas in four divisions. All Events will have individual prizes awarded and athletes do not have to compete in the series to attend individual events!

Competition Age Groups: 

14/15 year old male
14/15 year old female
16/17 year old male
16/17 year old female

Point System:
Place points from all events will be added together to achieve a total number at the completition of the last annual event. Athlete with the lowest number of place points at the end of series is 1st place.

Event 1 1st
Event 2 3rd
Event 3 12th
Event 4 6th

Total series yearly points: 22 points